Plaza PUP Committee

Who doesn’t want to do something nice for mans best friend? The Plaza District is working on getting its next brilliant idea up and rolling. We want to make the District more pet friendly and we need your help! We want to form a committee whose sole job would be to helping out our four legged friends. Duties would include:

  • working on Plaza District pet friendly additions such as water bowls and hitch posts outside stores

  • providing District business with locally made dog treats (yum)

  • hosting dog friendly events such as dog walks and play days

Please email Kristen Vails at for more information, questions or just to sign up


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Plaza Public Art Wall

This is Stanley’s building. Stanley’s Garage (who is an excellent mechanic might we add) owns this cute little corner building. Right now, it’s boarded up and used for storage. While there is no plan to lease or sell this building in the near future, Stanley has agreed to let us build a temporary wall over the facade for public art projects. So, we will be building this wall for multi-functional use…allowing murals, installations and even space for artists to sell. This is such a great corner, and we will be able to activate this space and add chairs and tables, donated by the community (see a past post for info about this). Soon, you will able be able to relax on this corner viewing public art, playing community games or listening to live music.

We’re lucky to have The Society ( ), who has volunteered to take on this project by building the wall. For the first few months, The Society artists will debut on the wall, doing live painting and other projects. Then, we will develop plans to use the wall for the future–whether it be a rotating featured artist, a place for other neighborhood projects to utilize and so on. To make this happen, The Society will be building the wall and gathering the materials. The list of materials we need to purchase new totals about $200. Since this is a community project, we are asking our neighborhood and community to help us build the wall. If you are passionate to see more public art in the district, please consider helping this cause! Click the link below to donate! Thank you!

Plaza Public Art Wall Donation 

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Your LIVE on the Plaza photos!

" @mattgwillison: Baylor Judd killing it on the mic."

“@okaycity: Anyone else at @plazadistrict? It's jumping down here! ”

"@messycanvas: Fun to meet @jerrodcreates in person @thesocietyokc launch party. Amazing things happening @plazadistrict.”

"@ColtWestbrook And @theSOCIETYokc opening was legit. Great @LIVEonthePlaza tonight."

"@ColtWestbrook And @theSOCIETYokc opening was legit. Great @LIVEonthePlaza tonight.

"@cthomas122 Dunking Cornett @LIVEonthePlaza @Fowlervw"

"@treeandleaf: Painting with @mrdylanb at The Society Launch @LIVEonthePLAZA! Come hang!"

"@ddunc: @mynameisJabee rockin the stage! @liveontheplaza #societyopening”

"@marekalaine: Yes! Father-son challenge at the dunk tank! @CaseyCornett and @MickCornett! @LIVEonthePlaza @Fowlervw #dunkdialing!"

"@Fowlervw: Mayor Mick dunks @caseycornett at @LIVEonthePlaza! Nice!"

"@Allographics: Stop by @LiveonThePlaza and dunk @StudioFJ!!"

'@FowlerVW: Who doesn't want a drumstick on a day like this? Stop by our @LIVEonthePlaza booth for free frozen treats!

"@sscriv:“Terry Craghead on the beats at @convergenceokc for @LIVEONTHEPLAZA”

"@sscriv: “Charles is checking out more art by Carla Schwab at @convergenceokc for @LIVEONTHEPLAZA”

and a link to a video! “@CaseyCornett Am I really in OKC??? Rapping, Bikers on 1/4 pipes, art galleries… @LIVEonthePlaza @plazadistrict

and a link to photos of Ferris O’Brien in the dunk tank by @NathanPoppee:

Thanks all, send your photos to @plazadistrict or and we’ll add them!

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National Tell Someone About the Plaza District Month

Did you know August is National Tell Someone About the Plaza District month? We didn’t either, because we actually just made it up. All of you loyal fans are so great to support the district, but we need you to tell your friends about the hidden land of the Plaza District. So many still don’t know about the budding creativity, culture and local businesses we have here—and its a shame!

Please help spread the word to friends, neighbors and colleagues! Tell someone about LIVE on the Plaza, your favorite district shop or hangout. The Plaza District has always been a grassroots movement, and because of that your word of mouth is so important to our progress!

So celebrate National Tell Someone About the Plaza District Month, we hope to see you, and your friends around!

If someone told you about us with this post–check out our videos to get a taste of the Plaza District!

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For rent beginning August 1 st
opening scheduled for August 12 th
applications accepted immediately at
OKLAHOMA CITY, July 18, 2011 The Society will begin taking
online applications for the rental of their new collective art space beginning
July 18th. The application is available online at
This space gathers artists and creative catalysts to wrestle with
the deep questions of art, faith, and humanity in order to inspire
the creative community to engage the culture that is and create
the world that “ought to be.” WE ARE A FLEXIBLE ART
The intent of this space is to nurture a creative environment for artists to explore their craft, have room to make their work and
be involved in Plaza walks to begin profiting as an artist. This
space is for the artist that is seeking exposure to other creatives
and works well in a collective environment.
This space is not limited to any one kind of artist. We want to
include visual artists, illustrators, photographers, designers, print
makers, etc. and will work to accommodate each artist and their materials and tools
located between N.W. 15 thand 16 thstreet on Blackwelder in OKLAHOMA CITY.

 Shared studio, full shop, lounge and community space.
 24 hour access to the work space
 All bills paid including free internet
 Use of full bath and laundry room
 Would be part of the monthly “LIVE on the PLAZA” artwalk
 The opportunity to connect with commercial retail
space to sell their goods (DNAgalleries, Collected
Thread, Bad Granny’s, etc.)
 Locking storage for art supplies and work
 Another exciting aspect to this space is that we will
be teaming up with Backporch Media to create
an online gallery of each artist’s work built and
maintained by their media team. They will create an
online presence on our website,
of each artists including a bio video, a gallery
of their work and the means to purchase that work
online. This gives the artist the time necessary to
produce their work while selling online.


Web site:

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Plaza District boasts 13 Best of OKC Nominations!

We are excited to announce 13 Best of OKC Top 5 Nominations in Oklahoma Gazette. Here they are! Please vote for your favorite Plaza District businesses! Click here to Vote!!

Best New Bar:  Saints

Best Art Gallery: DNA Galleries

Best Performing Arts Group:  Lyric Theatre

Best Place to Find the Perfect Gift: Collected Thread & DNA Galleries

Best Fashion Accessories: Collected Thread & DNA Galleries

Best Women’s Clothing: Warpaint Clothing


Best Men’s Clothing: Warpaint Clothing

Best Vintage: Bad Granny’s Bazaaar

Best Hair Salon: Velvet Monkey Salon

Best Tattoo Shop: No Regrets Tattoo

Best Local Website: Keep It Local OK

Additionally, we’d suggest these other nominations!

Best Art Gallery: Istvan Gallery, neighbor and Stephen is a board member of the Plaza District!

Best Car Dealership: Fowler Volkswagen, official sponsor of the Plaza District

Best Radio Personality: Ferris O’brien, SPY Radio

Best Local Band: The Pretty Black Chains

Click here to vote!!!

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Tree & Leaf Open House!

Tree and Leaf Clothing may not be in the Plaza District, but they’re longtime supporters and friends of the district. John and Dusty frequented LIVE on the Plaza in the early days, back when hardly anyone knew about it. Support Local Art,  Local is for Lovers… these and so many more of the district’s shirts are printed at T&L. Their support of local artists has been so instrumental to the growth of OKC’s art scene and we are so thrilled for their expansion to continue that growth. We’ll all be on Rockwell on July 30th—come join us (and get a free t-shirt while you’re at it!)

“Tree & Leaf Clothing has remained actively involved in its surrounding community now since it’s birth over 5 years ago. From it’s very small initial investment and it’s 15×20 garage headquarters, Tree & Leaf has bloomed into a full retail, design, and screen-printing operation. Still owned by two of it’s original 25 year old founders (John Milner & Dusty Gilpin), Tree & Leaf has made it’s biggest move yet in expanding from a 1500-sqft. space to a facility just slightly over 3500 sq feet. The new facility better caters to the huge demographic of Tree & Leaf customers and clients by featuring a stand-alone print shop, retail space, and design offices. Tree & Leaf retails their own line of clothing and exclusively carries collaborative merchandise for, and The space also features a 20×40 mural featuring local artists Dylan Bradway, Tanner Frady, Tanke, and Dusty Gilpin.

The current printing press is running at its maximum, so along with the new larger space the owners are adding another larger automatic printing press to their arsenal of professional grade equipment. The addition of the new press will allow jobs to run more efficiently while expanding the Tree & Leaf brand of apparel at the same time.
The space is currently fully functional and is daily being fine tuned. The owners plan on hosting an open house on July 30th from 7pm-11pm that will feature Coop beer, Big Truck Tacos, and lots of FREE shirts printed on the spot for guests. There is no charge for the event,  and t-shirts will be free while supply lasts. Please join the 7 member Tree & Leaf team in celebrating their new space and growth. For more information, feel free to call Tree & Leaf at 405.728.2026 or visit

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