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Plaza Shopping Guide…for the Fellas

Since it’s December 22nd, now’s the time to post the Plaza Shopping Guide for Guys, because you’ve all just realized Christmas is Friday, and you probably haven’t gotten your special ladies anything yet. Well, here it is all laid out for you fellas, short and sweet:

Velvet Monkey: Gift Card. Get this card for the pampering of your wife, girlfriend or mom. For hair cuts or massage, or go all out and get both!

Necklace at Collected Thread

Collected Thread: Pretty, pretty necklaces. I’m a lady and I would love to get one of these. Simple and pretty-just like your special lady. Trust me!

DNA Galleries: Plenty of pretty jewelry here, plus original art to show you care? Score.

Lyric Theatre: Gift Card, or season tickets. Valid for many dates in the future. Fellas, I’m telling you, dinner and a movie? So cliche. Dinner and Lyric show? Classy, smooth and cultured.

No Regrets Tattoo: Tattoo or gift card. How else to show your forever love, than a forever tattoo, or the chance for her to get a forever tattoo? She’ll be forever grateful.

: Ladies love a guy with a heart, show her you care by shopping good. This retail shop has plenty of accessories, cute clothes and art that are sure to warm her heart.

Bad Granny’s Bazaar
: This place is for the fella who really knows his lady. You’re likely to find a funny or funky gift that triggers an inside joke or special memory. Example: Buy a vintage record of a song that holds a certain memory, or a vintage Bridge game to remind her of that time you played with her and Grandma while snowed in all day. I can’t really help you find the perfect gift here, but try and use that left side of the brain and I’m sure you’ll come up with something and she’ll really be impressed.

OK, now get to it! There isn’t much time!


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