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No straw here

Here you are, on the inside of the Plaza District. Here you can find the latest scoop on what’s going on, or just read about the various Plaza District inhabitants shooting the breeze. And since I spent all my time setting this thing up, I’ll keep this one short.

A couple of weeks ago, I was visiting my friend and we went to eat breakfast in downtown McKinney TX. I proceeded to grace the perfectly clean streets wrapped with straw and fall leaves, eat the best breakfast at a small restaurant called Spoons, and bought 2 out of 47 popcorn flavor choices from Mom & Popcorn Co. It was Sunday afternoon and the place was buzzing!

I have to admit for a second (just one), I was jealous of the breakfast and the popcorn. As a main street program, the Plaza District is striving to create that healthy buzzing atmosphere, but I quickly reminded myself of all the differences a Texas suburb and an inner Oklahoma City district have.

The Plaza District may never have light poles dressed in straw and leaves. The buzzing atmosphere may never be the middle class after church crowd, but the Plaza District will have light poles promoting the next Lyric production, and the buzzing atmosphere will continue to be a mix of artists, neighborhood residents, parents, and the rest of the eclectic crowd so attracted to the diversity of our district.

I’m still looking forward to that popcorn and breakfast though 🙂

Kristen Vails, Ex Director, Plaza District Main Street Association

**disclaimer: this post does not critique McKinney downtown. I encourage all to visit and get some popcorn!

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